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Havarti Smorrebrod

Havarti SmorrebrodSmorrebrod literally translated is 'buttered bread' and widely associated with Danish lunches. The open-faced sandwiches are usually eaten with knife and fork, but make an eye-appealing appetizer tray.

Recipe Ingredients:

Very thinly sliced dense white bread, crusts trimmed
English Muffin half, toasted
Softened butter
Sliced Wisconsin Havarti cheese, cut to fit bread

Suggested Topping Combinations:
1. Finely Chopped Apple; Red Currant Jelly; Tiny Red Onion Ring; Walnut
2. Dijon-Flavored Tartar Sauce; Split Shrimp; Dill Sprig
3. Cucumber Slice; Sour Cream Herring; Chives or Green Onion; Sweet Red Pepper Cube
4. Thin Slice Pate; Cranberry Chutney or Spiced Cranberries; Tiny Sage Leaf
5. Tarragon-Flavored; Butter with Capers; Smoked Salmon; Cherry Tomato Slice
6. Shaved Ham or Beef; Horseradish Sauce; Boiled Egg Wedge; Radish Slice
7. Shaved Ham; Asparagus Tips

Cooking Directions:

  1. Spread each bread slice, or toasted English muffin, edge-to-edge with butter. Lay on cheese to cover entire surface.
  2. Top with desired toppings.

Makes ? servings.

Recipe and photograph provided courtesy of Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc.