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Recipes for Recipes for Jams, Jellies & Preserves

Explore more recipes for jams, jellies and preserves below the featured recipes:

No recipe image available.Recipe: Kiwifruit Jams and Jellies

This recipe offers a variety of ways to make kiwifruit jam and jelly. Uncooked, freezer jam has a brighter green color and a fresher kiwifruit taste than cooked jam.

Pumpkin Apple ButterRecipe: Pumpkin Apple Butter

Try this thick and delicious pumpkin-apple butter the next time you make homemade bread. Fresh bread spread with homemade apple butter, with pumpkin as the base, is a rich treat!

Freshest Strawberry JamRecipe: Freshest Strawberry Jam

Freezer strawberry jam tastes just like fresh strawberries. One bite of this jam and you'll never want cooked jam again.

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