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Fruitcake Recipes

A collection of recipes for fruitcake (or fruit cake), a dense cake made with candied and/or dried fruits, nuts and usually 'seasoned' with brandy or rum. The cake is traditionally served during the Christmas holiday season.

Chilean Christmas FruitcakeChilean Christmas Fruitcake

A special Christmas dessert throughout Chile, this sweet cake-like bread is laced with nuts, spices and candied fruit. It is traditionally eaten while presents are opened on Christmas day.

Nutty Chip Fruit CakeNutty Chip Fruit Cake

A fruitcake chockful of nuts, dates, candied cherries AND chocolate chips!

Festive FruitcakeFestive Fruitcake

First printed on the label of None Such® Ready-to-Use Mincemeat years ago, this festive fruitcake recipe has been a favorite for years.

  • Applesauce Cheese, Nut 'N Fruit Cake
  • Brandied Cranberry Fruitcake
  • California Fig Fruitcake
  • Candlelight Fruitcake
  • Chilean Christmas Fruitcake
  • Cranberry Christmas Cake
  • Festive Fruitcake
  • Fruitcake
  • Fruited Pound Cake
  • Golden Apple Fruitcake
  • Graham No-Bake Fruitcake
  • Gum Drop Cake
  • Holiday Fruitcake
  • Nutty Chip Fruit Cake
  • Old Fashioned Holiday Fruit Cake
  • Panforte
  • Scott's Pumpkin Fruit Cake
  • Spiced Pawpaw Fruitcake
  • White Fruitcake
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