content="Find 100s of deliciously easy, family-pleasing recipes for chocolate desserts, including chocolate mousse, cheesecakes, fondues, ice cream, souffles, tarts, tortes, custard and puddings.">
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Recipes for Chocolate Desserts

Explore more chocolate dessert recipes listed below the featured recipes:

Chocolate Raspberry Linzer TorteRecipe: Chocolate Raspberry Linzer Torte

A rich almond crust is the perfect complement to the chocolate-raspberry filling and will be a tasty treat on your dessert buffet for any special occasion.

Chocolate Truffle TartRecipe: Chocolate Truffle Tart

Like a candy truffle, this tart combines the flavors of deep, rich chocolate with luscious, sweet raspberry.

Chocolate RhapsodyRecipe: Chocolate Rhapsody

This dessert will be music to your taste buds. A thin layer of chocolate separates luscious raspberry mousse and yellow sponge cake — a second layer on top finishes this masterpiece.

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