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Healthier Recipes Collection

Gelatin Salad Recipes

A collection of recipes for a large variety of gelatin salads, from glistening molds to festive layered salads with ribbons of contrasting color, flavor and texture, ideal for everyday meals, dinner parties, potlucks, picnics, special occasions and the holidays. | Page 1 |
Cranberry Sauce SaladCranberry Sauce Salad

This bright and refreshing salad, made with canned whole cranberry sauce, crushed pineapple, bits of crisp celery and raspberry-flavored gelatin, pairs perfectly with roast turkey.

Perfection Pineapple Lime Cheese SaladPerfection Pineapple Lime Cheese Salad

This festive salad has it all — good taste and presentation, perfect for the holidays and special occasions.

Yum Yum SaladYum Yum Salad

The name describes this salad perfectly — yum, yum! A creamy lemon gelatin salad with crushed pineapple, chopped nuts and shredded cheddar cheese.

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  • Almond-Cherry Gelatin
  • Ambrosia Gelatin Salad
  • Apple and Carrot Gelatin Salad
  • Apricot Cheese Delight
  • Banana Medley Mold
  • Beet Salad
  • Best Jello Salad in the World
  • Blueberry Cottage Cheese Salad
  • Blueberry Gelatin Salad with Cream Cheese Topping
  • Blueberry Peach Salad
  • Bristol Mallow Gelatin Salad
  • Cheery Cherry Cheese Salad
  • Cherry Cola Salad
  • Cherry-Cranberry Salad
  • Cherry Sour Cream Salad
  • Citrus Mallow Mold
  • Cottage Pineapple Ring
  • Cranberry Cream Cheese Gelatin Salad
  • Cranberry Crunch Salad
  • Cranberry Jello Salad
  • Cranberry Sauce Salad
  • Cranbrosia
  • Crowd Pleasing Lemon Lime Salad
  • Dairy Berry Ribbon Salad
  • Eggnog and Cranberry Salad
  • Festive Cranberry-Pineapple Salad
  • Festive Cranberry Salad
  • Frosty Cranberry Mold
  • Frosty Mold with Blue Cheese and Fruits
  • Frozen Cranberry Banana Salad
  • Frozen Fruit Salad
  • Golden Treasure Aspic
  • Heavenly Hash
  • Holiday Cranberry Mousse
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